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Please find below:

  • An overview of how we teach English at Woodland View
  • Medium Term Plans for all year groups for READING and WRITING
  1. English at Woodland View - An OVERVIEW
  2. FS-Reading-Medium Term plan
  3. Y1-Reading-Medium Term Plan
  4. Y2-Reading-Medium Term Plan
  5. Y3-Reading-Medium Term Plan
  6. Y4-Reading-Medium Term Plan
  7. Y5-Reading-Medium Term Plan
  8. Y6-Reading-Medium Term Plan
  9. FS-Writing-Medium Term Plan
  10. Year-1-Writing-Medium Term Plan
  11. Year-2-Writing-Medium Term Plan
  12. Year-3-Writing-Medium Term Plan
  13. Year-4-Writing-Medium Term Plan
  14. Year-5-Writing-Medium Term Plan
  15. Year-6-Writing-Medium Term Plan