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Here are our procedures on snowy mornings:


The Headteacher believes the conditions are too severe to attempt to open the school, and an early closure decision is made (this is rare). A PING message is sent early to all staff & parents, and notification put on the website.


•All staff attempt to make it into school
•Anyone unable to attend contacts the Headteacher
•The school will remain open if there are sufficient staff to operate safely
•Any decision to close will be made after reaching the tipping point of unavailable staff
•This may be a later decision e.g 8.30am, depending upon the journeys of staff and the time they contact the school, but will be made as soon as possible
•A closure PING message is sent to all staff & parents
Please do not ring us to ask if we are open as this clogs communication channels. Assume we are open until you hear otherwise.

Our aim is to open whenever possible to maximise educational days and to support working parents and their businesses, but we sometimes have to make difficult decisions based upon the welfare of the children and the staff. Thank you for your understanding.