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Creativity Value Awards - May 2024

This morning we celebrated our CREATIVITY value awards. Mr Horsley led the two assemblies and the children were eager to find out and celebrate the achievements of the winners. Each of the teachers spoke passionately about the winners and the reasons for their selections.

Miss Wagstaff, as always, had found a poem suitable for the event:

I Am An Artist

I am a creator of ideas,

swimming in a sparkling sea of imagination

A magician of sort, turning thoughts of 

wonderment into pieces of originality

Each creation showcases

my own personal journey

My worries, dreams and ambitions,

everything I LOVE and everything I FEAR

All that I was yesterday and all that I'll be tomorrow

is neatly contained in my glorious creations

When you glance over my work, you are catching

a glimpse of my soul,

for a part of ME is in each piece I create

I march to my own beat, and wildly dance to my own rhythm

Passion runs through my veins,

as emotions are fuel for my craft

Certain pieces I protect and keep to myself

while others I'll share with the world

I am a creative beacon shining my light brightly

for all the universe to see

I am all these thing and more

rolled into one amazingly, talented, unique Artist!

Photos of this term's CREATIVITY winners

Next half-term's value is RESPECT.