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An Inspiring Visitor

This morning the children in KS2 had the opportunity to hear from professional basketball star, Andre Arissol. Andre is currently playing for the MK Breakers in the UK and runs his own coaching company (Athletic Elite UK) to help children reach their full potential in basketball.

Andre told us his story of growing up in Northampton and finding a love of basketball at the age of 13. He spoke to us about his experiences playing basketball in the UK and at the college level in USA. It was wonderful to hear his inspiring message of perseverance to achieve highly in school and basketball, his passion for the sport that he loves and the cooperation and kindness of those around him to help him succeed at the highest levels of the game. He is such a positive and inspiring figure and it was wonderful to hear him speak.

We look forward to hopefully seeing him again in the future where he will help to run some basketball sessions for some of the classes in school.

Thank you to Andre for his powerful, engaging and inspiring words!