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  • Sportshall Athletics County Finals

    Published 01/03/24

    Earlier today, a team of Year 6 children represented the school, and the district, at the Sportshall Athletics County Finals in Kettering. This event was made possible thanks to the children's immense second place finish at the district competition in January where they finished an impressive 2nd overall! Today was a chance to see how the squad matched up against other schools from across all of Northamptonshire.

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  • Headteacher Newsletter 421

    Published 29/02/24

    Dear parents,

    Please read on for information on our new Value, Cinema Club, Special Sport Mornings, World Book Day, Card Swapping Club and The Woodland Times.

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  • Values Awards - Cooperation

    Published 26/02/24

    At the end of last half-term we celebrated our values award winners. These were children who had demonstrated particular aptitude for our focus value of COOPERATION.

    Mr Horsley led both the KS2 and KS1/FS awards and encouraged lots of dancing, as the children proceeded down our famous red carpet to recieve their awards. In each class, the teachers spoke about 2 of their children who had demonstrated positive  behaviour that reflected our focus value of COOPERATION this term. Miss Wagstaff had a poem on the theme of cooperation and it was super to see the support given to the award winners by their peers and other members of the school.

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  • Woodland Times - Spring 1 Edition

    Published 15/02/24

    Please select the PDF file below for your very own copy of the Woodland Times - Spring 1 Edition

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  • Headteacher Newsletter 420

    Published 12/02/24

    It has been a term full of inspiration!

    ‘Inspire’ is the first word in our school motto. Please read on to see some of the inspirational things that have happened in school this term. Plus, the Key Events section includes some inspirational dates up to the end of the year (get them in your diaries!)

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  • Inspire Day with the Volkswagen Group

    Published 09/02/24

    Yesterday, we were very exited to host a day of inspiration by the Volkswagen Group. A lovely group of employees from the company visited the school and carried out a range of activities to inspire the children.

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  • Reading Bears!

    Published 31/01/24

    The children in KS1 and Foundation Stage are so excited about their new reading bears! Today they will be bringing home a new reading friend to read a story to. They may want to read their bear a school book, library book, home book or read a story from their head. Each Wednesday, we are asking the children to return their reading bear and swap it for a new reading friend. Lots of excitement in school about these today!

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  • An Inspiring Visitor

    Published 31/01/24

    This morning the children in KS2 had the opportunity to hear from professional basketball star, Andre Arissol. Andre is currently playing for the MK Breakers in the UK and runs his own coaching company (Athletic Elite UK) to help children reach their full potential in basketball.

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  • WVPS Celebrates National Storytelling Week

    Published 29/01/24
    What is National Storytelling Week?

    National Storytelling Week is a celebration of the art of storytelling and the power of stories to connect, entertain, and inspire. It celebrates the diverse ways in which stories are told, whether through spoken word, written narratives, theatre, film, or other creative mediums. This fantastic annual event is a joyful celebration of the power of sharing stories. 

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  • Staff telling stories!

    Published 29/01/24

    We are very excited to welcome you to storytelling week. Each day, throughout this week, we will be uploading videos of the staff at the school sharing extracts of books that they enjoy reading to children. Check back each day for updates and new stories. What will your favourite stories be?

    Our first stories for Monday are from:

    Miss Wagstaff reading Drama Llama by Rachel Morrisroe and Ella Okstad - Suitable for all children

    Mr Horsley reading an extract from Room 13 by Robert Swindells - Suitable for Years 5 and 6

    Tuesday Storytellers

    Miss Hicklin reading Me by Emma Dodd - Suitable for all (Particularly KS1 / FS)

    Mrs Hodgson reading an extract from The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl - suitable for all (particularly Y3/4)

    Mrs Cox reading an extract from The Land of Roar by Jenny McLachlan  - Suitable for Y5/6

    Wednesday Storytellers

    Mr Havard reading Dogger by Shirley Hughes - Suitable for all (Particularly KS1/FS)


    Mrs Matsangou reading The Three Billy Goats Gruff retold by Mac Barnett - Suitable for all


    Mrs Cadge reading an extract from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J.K. Rowling - Suitable for Y5/6


    Mrs Warren reading The Book Without a Story by Carolina Rabei - Suitable for all (Particularly KS1 / FS)

    Thursday Storytelling

    Mrs Wood reading Who Flung Dung by Ben Redlich - Suitable for all


    Mrs Jakeman reading an extract from The Football School Encyclopedia by - Alex Bellos and Ben Lyttleton - Suitable for all (Particularly Y3/4)


    Miss Ryan reading an extract from George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl - Particularly suitable for Y3/4


    Mrs Nash reading an extract from The Wild Robot by Peter Brown - Suitable for Y5/6

    Friday Storytellers

    Miss Brahimaj reading The Little Red Hen by Gerald Rose - Suitable for all


    The Mystery Penguin (Yes - we found them!) reading The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me by Roald Dahl - Suitable for all

    A bonus extra video

    Various past children of WVPS read an extract from our very own headteacher's published book - Tremors Day


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  • Coming Next Week...

    Published 26/01/24

    Watch out for special events in our Storytelling Week coming next week! Preview below...

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  • Headteacher Newsletter 419

    Published 09/01/24

    Please read on for information on the launch of our new School Website, our School Value for Spring, our new Curriculum C, Achieve With Me details, School Blogs and Key Dates

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