Leadership Team

HeadteacherMr M Thomas
Deputy HeadteacherMiss H Mee (Maternity Leave)
Assistant Headteacher
(Acting Deputy Head)
Mr M Horsley
Inclusion & Welfare Leader
Designated Safeguarding Lead
(Acting Assistant Head)
Mrs S Howles


Mrs R BurtonMiss N Maddock
Miss S BrahimajMrs V Nash
Mrs N Clark Mrs L Rees
Mrs C CoxMiss J Ryan
Mr A DoddMrs M Stevens
Miss L DrakeMrs L Thurley
Mrs T EvansMrs S Wagstaff
Miss K HicklinMiss T Williams
Mrs J HodgsonMrs L Wood
Miss M Lee

Teaching Assistants

Mrs J AdamsonMrs D Livingstone
Mrs C BaxterMrs L McDonagh
Mrs K BeevorsMrs C Moss
Mrs N BorwickMrs J Round
Mrs R BoscottMrs L Stanton
Mrs E BurghamMrs H Stanton
Mrs N BurrowsMrs J Taylor
Mrs A CadgeMrs A Walker
Mrs S DoggettMrs T Wood
Mrs R Friel Mrs E Fallon
Mrs C Morrow

Administrative Team/Site Staff

Office Manager/BursarMrs J Henson
Finance AssistantMrs C Smart
Administrative AssistantMrs K Birch
ICT/Data OfficerMr T Ntogiakos
Site ManageMr R Cadge

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs C AllanMrs S Pettit
Mrs T FieldMrs J Masters
Mrs J HarperMrs A Cadge
Mrs R KhalilMiss K Brown
Miss H Lockey Mrs N Weston

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