Sports Premium

Sustainability of Sports Premium

In order to attain the maximum impact from the Sports Premium and ensure that it is sustainable, the school has invested a significant amount of money in staff CPD. Through the use of training, observations and team teaching with qualified external coaches, all staff have developed their teaching practice and knowledge in subject specific sports that they felt apprehensive in teaching. Through the use of regular rotations, to ensure that teachers receive training in more than one sport, teachers are now more confident and skilled in adapting their teaching practice (specifically in PE) to every child’s needs.

Sports Premium Intended Use 2020-2021

Sports Premium 2019-20 Impact

Sports Premium Intended Use 2019-2020

Sports Premium 2018-19 Impact

Sports Premium Intended Use 2018-2019

Sports Premium 2017-18 Impact

Sports Premium 2017-2018 Intended Use

Sports Premium 2016-2017 Impact

Sports Premium 2015-16

Sports Premium 2014-15

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