Performance Evenings

Each Year Group offers a Performance Evening over the year. It results from a Performance Unit as part of the curriculum. Often children will have explored costume, scenery, props, sound & lighting as part of their studies. Performances are in the evenings at 6.30pm to allow as many parents as possible to attend. We ask that very young children are not brought to performances to ensure the children’s efforts are not undermined.

We run a raffle at each evening, organised by our Fundraising Pupil Team. Half the proceeds go to the school to fund performance costs/future resources, and half to a charity nominated by the year group. The prize for each raffle is a copy of the DVD of the performance (these are always on sale after the event).

2017/18 Dates
Monday 16th October Year 5
Monday 11th December Foundation Stage
Monday 18th December Year 2
Monday 5th February Year 3
Monday 26th March Year 4
Monday 21st May Year 1
Thursday 19th July Year 6 Leavers’ (daytime)

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