Year Group Performances

We love bringing learning to life, giving it purpose and celebrating the children’s achievements. Therefore, each Year Group offers a Virtual Performance at some point during the year. 

The Virtual Performance is based on one of the themes the children have been learning as part of the curriculum. Children will have had a range of experiences throughout a term of learning and this is brought to life, often incorporating drama, music, dance, costume and props to create a finished Performance to showcase their learning and enjoyment of the theme. 

Every family is sent the Virtual Performance which then becomes a special keepsake, and the children enjoy watching the final outcome at school too!

The Year 6 Virtual Performance will be a unique ‘Leavers edition’ which will be created towards the end of the year as the children come to the end of their time at Woodland View.

Please contact the office if you require a paper copy of any of these documents.

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