Governing Body Membership & Register of Governor Directorships

The role of the Governing Body is around strategic leadership, management and accountability.

They manage the school’s finances, ensure that the premises are maintained well and are safe. They support the headteacher and other senior leaders to make decisions in the best interests of the pupils, and challenge them to provide the best possible education for our community.

As well as regular Full Governing Body meetings, there is a Finance Committee (chaired by James Messham) and a Data Committee (chaired by Alison Talbot).

The Governing Body consists of the Headteacher, two Staff Governors (elected by staff), four Parent Governors (elected by parents) and four Community Governors (co-opted by the Governing Body). No allowances are paid to Governors. The attendance record of Governors at meetings is detailed on page 8 of the Company Accounts (also on this website).



Type of Governor

Term of Office

Other Directorships/Interests

Chair James Messham Community From 16-10-21
Ends 15-10-25
Fraud Management Ltd
Zenium Group Ltd
FML Solutions & Services Ltd
Vice Chair Paul Burrows Community From 1-9-21
Ends 31-8-25

Barfield Wealth Ltd

Wife is a Teaching Assistant at the school

Headteacher Mark Horsley Ex Officio n/a None
Governor Charlotte Smart Staff From 1-11-20
Ends 31-10-24
Governor Ellie Austin Parent From 5-12-22 – Ends 4-12-26 One child at the school
Governor Mark Wilson Parent From 20-11-21
Ends 19-11-25

Two children at the school

Parish Councillor

One child at the school


Ikraam Hussain

Community From 9-5-22
Ends 9-5-26

Co-Chair Eradicating Racism Network, Nestle

One child at the school

Governor Alison Talbot Community From 15-10-18
Ends 14-10-26

School Improvement role in another authority

OFSTED Inspector in East Midlands

One child at the school

Governor Hannah Groves Parent From 12-11-19
Ends 11-11-23
Two children at the school
Governor Catherine Cox Staff

From 19-10-20

Ends 18-10-24

Governor Alicia Sinclair Parent

From 10-11-21

Ends 9-11-25

One child at the school

If you wish to contact the Governors, please write to the Chair of Governors, c/o Woodland View.

Information about Governor Attendance and details of expired Governors, who have served in the last 12 months, can be found in the Financial Statements and Audited Accounts. (Please click on this link)

Please contact the office if you require a paper copy of any of these documents.

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