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Sketching like Darwin

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0 Yesterday, to finish off the term, Year six channeled their inner Charles Darwin to look at how he would have sketched the creatures...   Read More


Year 6 BlogComments Off on Buddies!

0 What better way to finish the term than a chance to get together with our buddies! Y6 took some stories based on The...   Read More

Woodland View Triumph

1+ Today, children from Years 5 and 6 were welcomed with £1000 worth of PE equipment following their amazing success in the Cobblers World...   Read More

TT Rockstars Challenge!

0 This week is personal challenge week! I have once again asked the children to see how much they can improve their rock speed...   Read More

Evolution – Now Press Play

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0 This morning, we had some light relief and, using the Now Press Play headphones, we experienced the opposition that Darwin overcame in order...   Read More

Y5/6 Girls Football success!

1+ On Friday afternoon this team of talented footballers took part in a football tournament which included 7 schools from Northampton. After winning all...   Read More

TT Rockstars club

0 Another busy week at TT rockstars club! The current battle is between the Y3 classes. It’s quite close at the minute, with just...   Read More

Finding the nth term

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0 Today, we tackled a really tricky concept in maths: finding the nth term of a sequence. The children were fantastic and picked it...   Read More

Irish Dancing

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0 Yesterday, Year 6 had the treat of an Irish dancing workshop. There were some complex manoeuvres involved so they really had to concentrate!

Funky Friday!

8+ The sound of music echoed through the school grounds today at lunchtime! But why? Because it’s Funky Friday of course! On every other...   Read More

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