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Bike Ability

Many Year 5 children have taken part in ‘Bike Ability’ this week. The four day course involves: preparing for on-road cycling, learning to recognise...   Read More

Egg-citing projects

This week, Year 5 have been working hard to design their own branding of eggs! Not only did they have to think carefully about...   Read More

Woodland View Triumph

Today, children from Years 5 and 6 were welcomed with £1000 worth of PE equipment following their amazing success in the Cobblers World Cup....   Read More

Performance Evening

We are looking forward to sharing our Yr5 performance of “Back to our future” which starts this evening at 6.00pm- here is a sneak...   Read More

Year 5 Bikeability

Day 1 of Bikeabilty for Yr5. Gaining confidence pedalling around tracks in the playground, being in complete control of our bikes and being able...   Read More

Evolution – Now Press Play

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This morning, we had some light relief and, using the Now Press Play headphones, we experienced the opposition that Darwin overcame in order to...   Read More

Homework Wall of Fame

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Well done to those who made it onto the ‘Homework Wall of Fame’ for this week and last week!

Finding the nth term

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Today, we tackled a really tricky concept in maths: finding the nth term of a sequence. The children were fantastic and picked it up...   Read More

Irish Dancing

Yesterday, Year 6 had the treat of an Irish dancing workshop. There were some complex manoeuvres involved so they really had to concentrate!

So long….farewell…….for the weekend at least!

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Today we said goodbye to the ducks before they move away to their temporary homes for the weekend! We cannot wait to see your...   Read More

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