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Year 5/6 NTSSF Cricket Winners

0 Yesterday, children from Years 5 and 6 went to the cricket finals where they had qualified previously from another tournament. The children showed...   Read More

Open View

0 Thank you for sharing with your children on Thursday. They have worked hard all year so it was great to see the children...   Read More

Cluster Olympics

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1+ On Friday, we took part in our Cluster Olympics. It proved to be a great event where the children were able to see...   Read More

The Great Wave!

1+ Year 5 have completed their versions of Hokusai inspired “Great Wave” pictures. Fantastic use of colour and line to show movement in all...   Read More

Year 3/4 Tennis Triumph

0 Yesterday, four children from Year 4 caused quite the RACHET when they went to Roade Tennis Club where they competed in a tennis...   Read More

Bradgate park

2+ We stopped for lunch at Bradgate Park! All enjoyed a picnic in the sunshine! We even had an ice cream! Now back on...   Read More

All packed and ready to go!

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4+ We are all feeling a little tired this morning but we are all packed and having our breakfast before starting the journey home....   Read More

York Minster

7+ This afternoon we visited the Minster where the children were fascinated by the history surrounding it. We were taken around by two fantastic...   Read More

Chocolate workshop

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9+ We also found out more about the process behind the chocolate making and make our own chocolate bars. We particularly enjoyed wearing the...   Read More

York’s Chocolate Story

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8+ Today we found out about the history of chocolate in York. The children tasted it in various forms and discovered more about the...   Read More

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