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Padlet Power!

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On Thursday, we worked in pairs to gather facts and information about Sir David Attenborough. We used our summarising and retrieval skills to record...   Read More

What is planet Earth?

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Today we met an unusual character…Ulg the alien! He had heard of our wonderful planet but knew little about it. The children worked in...   Read More

Polygon battleships!

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In maths on Tuesday, we drew our own shapes on a grid. By only telling our partner the coordinates, they had to figure out...   Read More

Performance practise!

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For the first time this afternoon, we came together as a whole year group for a run through of our lines; in preparation of...   Read More

Number Navigation!

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On Tuesday this week, Year 4 took to the great playground to explore mathematical problems using a range of maps and their orienteering skills!...   Read More

Maths Orienteering!

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Today our navigation, problem solving and arithmetic skills were really put to the test as we took part in a whole school maths orienteering...   Read More

The Great Outdoors!

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We just about managed to dodge the rain earlier this week when we took part in one of Mrs Wood’s great ‘Woodland Workshop activities’....   Read More

Viking Fact Finders!

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The children had a great time this week; working in teams to find the various Viking facts hidden around the library in order to...   Read More

Outdoors Extravaganza

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We had a fantastic week outside, despite the rain! We enjoyed working together to build dens and imprinting on cloth using plants at our...   Read More

Staying Safe Online

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This week, we spoke about the importance internet safety and went over the rules for staying safe online. After discussing various scenarios, it was...   Read More

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