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Eggsellent Problem Solving

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1+ Today we had a cracking problem to solve in maths – involving Easter eggs! We were learning to work systematically. See if your...   Read More

Mandarin time!

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1+ 3MH enjoyed their first Mandarin lesson with a Chinese teacher live from Beijing! Ask your child what they have learnt.

TT Rockstars Challenge!

0 This week is personal challenge week! I have once again asked the children to see how much they can improve their rock speed...   Read More

Year 3 strings performance

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0 Those children that took up strings lessons this term had the opportunity to show us today how far they have come with their...   Read More

Y5/6 Girls Football success!

1+ On Friday afternoon this team of talented footballers took part in a football tournament which included 7 schools from Northampton. After winning all...   Read More

Junior Strictly Runners-Up!

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3+ Yesterday saw the Year 3/4 Junior Strictly competition at the Deco Theatre. After nearly ten weeks of training and practising, the time had...   Read More

TT Rockstars club

0 Another busy week at TT rockstars club! The current battle is between the Y3 classes. It’s quite close at the minute, with just...   Read More

Cooperation in maths!

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0 This week, year 3 were again working on their skills of cooperation. This time, they had to work together with a partner to...   Read More

Perimeter Problem Solving

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0 The children worked cooperatively in pairs or small groups to tackle a perimeter problem. They were given 6 shapes and asked – what...   Read More

Funky Friday!

9+ The sound of music echoed through the school grounds today at lunchtime! But why? Because it’s Funky Friday of course! On every other...   Read More

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