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Amazonian Art

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This half term in Art we shall be exploring the Amazon Rainforest. Today we looked at the different birds found in the rainforest and...   Read More

Euro 2020/2021

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Year 3 have marked the start of Euro 2020/2021 by taking part in a competition of our own! Each child has taken a team...   Read More

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Smores delight To complete our topic on The Stone Age to the Celts we went and built a fire in the pond area and...   Read More

Stone age Campfire

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This afternoon we created a ‘Stone Age Campfire’. We looked at some of the different ways of creating a safe fire. One of those...   Read More

Year 3 Orienteering

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This morning, Year 3 took part in an indoor orienteering challenge! They were all given maps which they needed to use to help them...   Read More

Outdoor learning

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On Wednesday the children had the great opportunity to have a lesson with Mrs Wood at the Woodland Workshop. The children had to work...   Read More

Time Challenges

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This week, we have been learning all about time! To gather a better understanding of time, we decided to set our Year 3 children...   Read More

ICT – Typing sessions

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Today in ICT, Year 3 practised their typing. We played a variety of different games that encourages us to use both hands to type...   Read More

Table Pong!

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Today we celebrated Tom Moore’s birthday by attempting to play table pong and getting 100 ping pong balls in the target! The children absolutely...   Read More

A fabulous NMPAT Brass recital!

Today we were fortunate to have our second NMPAT virtual music recital this year! This time we were ‘visited’ by the wonderful Brass quintet....   Read More

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