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Cheerful Cheerleaders!

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In music, the children have been composing rhyming cheerleading chants over the past couple of weeks! We recently got to perform our finished pieces...   Read More

Year 6 Football Competition (District Finals)

This afternoon, our winning Year 6 football team went to Daventry to take part in the Year 5/6 District finals. We knew that a...   Read More

Letters to Santa!

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We had an exciting day yesterday as we wrote letters to Santa using our non-negotiables and our best beautiful handwriting. Later in the afternoon,...   Read More

Santa Letters

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Today we wrote a letter to Santa using our non~negotiable and our beautiful best handwriting. This afternoon, we took a walk to the postbox...   Read More

Anti-Bullying Week Bracelets!

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This week in PSHE, Year 2 have been learning all about how to prevent bullying and being the kindest person we can be! To...   Read More

Digital Literacy ~ David Attenborough

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Today we have started our Digital Literacy topic in ICT. We have been learning all about David Attenborough and today we have been exploring,...   Read More

Simple Circuits

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Year 2 have being learning about making simple circuits in Science. They had lots of fun connecting their light bulb to the battery power...   Read More

Maths Week Fun!

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We have had lots of great fun during maths week this week while incorporating our special book, ‘One Is a Snail, Ten Is a...   Read More

New books in the library!

Hello! We are excited to present these wonderful new books we have in the library. There are many exciting new books for you to...   Read More

Key Stage 2 Cross Country Run

Yesterday, children from Key Stage 2 were chosen to represent the school at a Cross Country Competition at Courteenhall. This was a District Competition...   Read More

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