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Beatrix Potter!

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Cooperation Award Winners!

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Easter Treats in 2LT.

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Easter Puppet Show!

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0 KS1 loved the Easter puppet show this morning. There was lots of singing and lots of laughing.

Fantastic U-Dancers

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0 This morning we were treated to a performance from the fantastic U-Dancers! They did a fantastic job showcasing their brilliant dance moves and...   Read More

Woodland View Triumph

1+ Today, children from Years 5 and 6 were welcomed with £1000 worth of PE equipment following their amazing success in the Cobblers World...   Read More

Y5/6 Girls Football success!

1+ On Friday afternoon this team of talented footballers took part in a football tournament which included 7 schools from Northampton. After winning all...   Read More

What a quacking afternoon!

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0 This afternoon we had a lovely time when we went and visited the ducklings in Year 5. We sat very quietly and observed...   Read More

Reading with expression!

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0 This week we worked with a partner and read a chapter from James and the Giant Peach together. We each took turns to...   Read More

Funky Friday!

8+ The sound of music echoed through the school grounds today at lunchtime! But why? Because it’s Funky Friday of course! On every other...   Read More

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