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Happy Half Term

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This week has seen us taking part in a football workshop. The children were all fantastic at practising their skills and enjoyed a game...   Read More

What Wonderful Work!

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We have been so impressed with the Funnybones pictures that you created at home for your homework. We have displayed them in the classroom...   Read More

Big Schools Bird Watch

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Once the fog had cleared this morning, 1LW ventured out to take part in the RSPB Big Schools Bird Watch. We spent around an...   Read More

Our 5 Senses

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This week in science we have been thinking about our 5 senses and have been putting them to the test by playing a selection...   Read More

Year 5 and 6 Sports Hall Athletics

Last Thursday, children from Years 5 and 6 went to Daventry to represent the school in the Level 2 Sports Hall Athletics competition. After...   Read More

Oliver’s Fruit Salad

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Inspired by the story Oliver’s Fruit Salad, year 1 have been designing, making and then eating their very own fruit salad today. They started...   Read More

Smart Subtraction

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This week in Maths we have been looking at subtraction. We have used lots of different methods to solve subtraction problems. We had lots...   Read More

Funnybones 3D story map

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In English this week we have been designing and building our own 3D story map. We read the story again to make sure we...   Read More

Life Education Bus

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This week we have visited the Life Education Bus. We met Harold the giraffe who talked to us all about how to keep our...   Read More

Measuring, Gymnastics and Bodies!

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In Maths this week we have been learning all about measuring. We first talked about heights and length and compared these using words such...   Read More

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