Properties of 2d shapes

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Today we have been learning about properties of 2d shapes. Yesterday we learned about regular and irregular shapes and today we have applied our...   Read More

Year 6 Leavers Performance

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Please enjoy watching our Year 6 leavers performance 2022. If you wish to skip to certain scenes, click on the YouTube logo at the...   Read More

Greek clay pots

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This half term, in art, we are making Greek clay pots. The children had to design their pots first by practising patterns and drawing...   Read More

Shakespeare workshop – Part 2!

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Today, it was the turn of 6NM to take part in the same workshop as 6CC did yesterday. We now all have a much...   Read More

Big things!

This week the children have been learning about big things. We have discussed what big things we already know about, watched films about different...   Read More

Yr3 Sports afternoon

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The children had a wonderful afternoon showing their work to their parents and showing their superb sports skills! It was great to see all...   Read More

Team Building!

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Today in PE we have been doing lot’s of team building tasks- team races and working together to problem solve. We had lots of...   Read More


Today in Year 5, we looked at how to plot coordinates on a grid. We discussed the definition of a quadrant and the rules...   Read More

Christmas Jumper Day

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The children looked brilliant in their festive tops and gave a real feel that Christmas is on its way! They also made festive fourtune...   Read More


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This week the children have visited Russia. We have looked at and discussed different places, the flag, the money and much more,the children have...   Read More

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