Bears, bears, bears!

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3+ We are having lots of fun learning about ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. We walked our bears through the story of Goldilocks in...   Read More

Food Glorious Food! Poetry in 2RB

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4+ Today was National Poetry Day. We celebrated by learning a poem as a class and performing it to the rest of Key Stage...   Read More

Year 2 Samba Bands

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3+ The children had a lot of fun outside this week forming their own Samba bands. They used the syllables from The character’s names...   Read More

Now Press Play!

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0 This week the Year 3 children have been listening to and acting out a Stone Age story using the Now Press Play equipment...   Read More

Open View

0 Thank you for sharing with your children on Thursday. They have worked hard all year so it was great to see the children...   Read More

Cluster Olympics

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1+ On Friday, we took part in our Cluster Olympics. It proved to be a great event where the children were able to see...   Read More

Set your fears free!

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Adding and Subtracting!

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0 We have been working really hard in maths this term; learning different methods to add and subtract. Here we are in our partners...   Read More

Seaside Day Special Menu

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0 We are having a special menu on July 12th. Order will need to be placed by midnight Tuesday, July 2nd.

Bradgate park

2+ We stopped for lunch at Bradgate Park! All enjoyed a picnic in the sunshine! We even had an ice cream! Now back on...   Read More

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