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Y3/4 Choir at Richmond Village

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The Year 3&4 Choir visited Richmond Village on Monday afternoon to spread some festive cheer and magic with a performance of some special Christmas...   Read More

Headteacher Newsletter No.399

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Maths Memo

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Welcome to our first ever Maths Newsletter! Mrs Cox’s Maths Ambassadors would like to tell you a little more about what went on during...   Read More

The Christmas Pig

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Please see below the information for the YouTube links for each group of chapters. (New chapters released on each school day!) CHAPTERS READ BY...   Read More

WVPS Kindness and Anti-Bullying Week

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This week is Woodland View’s Kindness and Anti-Bullying Week. In an assembly, led by Miss Mee, the children started by thinking about the acts...   Read More

A big thank you from the Hope Centre!

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The Hope Centre is very grateful for all of your support. However, we are aware that some families may wish to continue to support...   Read More

Welcome to Maths Week!

This week is Maths Week! Please take a look at this little introductory video that has been put together by Mrs Cox and her...   Read More

Poppy Day at WVPS

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We are proud of the compassion the children have shown in their dedication to selling poppies and merchandise for Remembrance Day and the British...   Read More

Courage Value Awards

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We were delighted to celebrate our first term’s value of COURAGE this morning. Mr Horsley led the proceedings and encouraged the children to demonstrate...   Read More

Hope Center Harvest Collection

A huge thank you to all the children and families who were able to donate some food to our collection for the Hope Centre this harvest....   Read More

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