Back in time at Holdenby!

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Yesterday, we were taken back in time to 1942 for our school trip. On arrival at Holdenby, we were told which village we would be evacuated to at the end of the day. The aim of the day was to prepare us for evacuation and ensure that we were helpful, useful children when we arrived at our host families.

Through the day, we learnt how to ‘make do and mend’, making things last as long as possible and how we could make games, toys and useful things out of things laying around the house. We were surprised to discover about clothes rationing and how to make toilet paper from old newspapers! We also considered what would happen in an air raid and what we would need to do if we heard the siren. We now know how important it is to know the difference between the air raid siren and the all clear siren too! In our other session, we learnt some very useful cooking skills such as chopping, peeling and grating. Rationing was going to be important too and we were surprised by how little we were allowed of certain ingredients!

At the end of the day we sang a song and were waved off to our new villages! We hope our host families will be pleased with us!

We were so impressed with the children’s behaviour; they were fabulous representatives of our school! They were attentive, focussed and an absolute delight!

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