From Clay to Art: 3AS’s Journey into Ancient Greece”

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Armed with clay and inspiration from their studies, this week we dove into the art of crafting Greek pots using either the pinch pot or coil pot method. 

To prepare us for this challenge we have been learning about the fascinating history and artistry of ancient Greece. We have discovered that Greek pottery is a form of artistic expression that tells stories of the past. From the intricate patterns to the depiction of mythical creatures and heroes, the pottery of ancient Greece was a window into their culture.

The Pinch Pot Method:

Some students chose the pinch pot method, which involves shaping clay by pinching it between their fingers to create a hollow form. This method allowed them to experiment with different shapes and sizes, from amphoras to kylikes. The pinch pot technique requires patience and a gentle touch.

The Coil Pot Method:

Others opted for the coil pot method, where they rolled out long coils of clay and then coiled them together to form their pots. This technique allowed for more intricate designs and larger vessels.

Next Steps: Painting in the Greek Style:

The excitement doesn’t end with the clay pots. Next, our young artists will embark on the journey of painting their creations in the distinct Greek style they’ve been studying. Vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and meaningful symbols will adorn their pots, bringing them to life with the spirit of ancient Greece.

Stay tuned as we showcase their painted Greek pots.

Miss Sanders

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