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Creative Colosseums

Year 5 BlogComments Off on Creative Colosseums

This afternoon, we got our pencils and sketchbooks out and had a go at sketching the Colosseum. We thought carefully about the architecture and...   Read More

An Evacuation experience

Year 6 BlogComments Off on An Evacuation experience

This afternoon, we used the Now Press Play headphones to experience the feelings associated with discovering that you were being evacuated to the countryside...   Read More

Negative numbers

Year 6 BlogComments Off on Negative numbers

This morning we looked at negative numbers. We noticed that the positive and negative numbers mirror either side of zero. We found differences between...   Read More

A Fun-Filled Week in 3SS!

Year 3 BlogComments Off on A Fun-Filled Week in 3SS!

Our indoor PE session this term is dance where we are exploring the ways in which machines work (a link to our topic). We...   Read More

Number Representation

Year 2 BlogComments Off on Number Representation

This week, we have been looking at varied representations of numbers in Year 2. In one lesson, we used ten frames and counters to...   Read More

Our first full week!

Reception BlogComments Off on Our first full week!

The children have settled brilliantly into school life! They have used all the learning spaces, sharing, playing together and having fun. They have had...   Read More

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