Super Smoothie Dragons-Den Project!

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In Year 5 this week, we have been completing our smoothie project. The children were put into teams of three and tasked with completing market research about smoothies, designing and making their own smoothies, creating a brand for them and then marketing them to a panel of ruthless dragons!

On Monday morning, we had great fun working with fruit to cut, prepare and blend our smoothies. We had to work as a team, based on our designs, to make sure that our smoothies had the right ingredients and amounts in them to make sure that they were delicious! After we had blended them, we had the chance to have a taste test!

And these are the finished products!

After making the smoothies, the teams were tasked with creating a short presentation that would be presented to some dragons! The teams had to work on creating a name, slogan, label, target audience and explain the nutritional benefits of their smoothie. The use of these persuasive features was on full display as each team wowed the dragons with their unique and exciting smoothie designs. Some of the dragons even offered investment to some teams…

Overall this was an enjoyable and engaging project to end the year with! It was amazing to see all the teams working coopertively and sharing their ideas together! A super way to end Year 5!

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