Microbits in Y6

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In IT Year 6 have been very excited to start programming using Micro:Bits. Micro:Bits are very small computers with LED screens, a variety of input sensors and Bluetooth radios, which can be programmed using a scratch-like set of commands on a normal desktop. These programmes can then be tested / emulated on the computer before being uploaded to a Micro:Bit device using a cable.

So using the Micro:Bits the children have programmed and designed such devices as:

Computer random number generators

A step counter

A compass / Direction Finder

It has been an exciting challenge to work with some new technology and use a variety of inputs / outputs / conditions / variables / logic in their coding to achieve the various problems that have been set for them. One child commented that: “It’s like learning a whole new language!”

This style of coding will be something the children will certainly build upon when they encounter computing at secondary school.

Please contact the office if you require a paper copy of any of these documents.

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