District Quadkids Athletics

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Earlier today, a team of children from Year 4, 5 and 6 represented the school at the district quadkids event in Daventry. The event sees 5 girls and 5 boys compete in four different events where they earn points for themselves and their school. The events include a long distance run, a short sprint, a vortex howler throw and a standing long jump. At the end of the event, each child’s individual points are added together to give each school a total number of points from their 10 competitors.

At the event, the children took part in two different competitions. There was a competition for Year 3 and 4 and a competition for Year 5 and 6. Each of the children who competed were fantastic and showed amazing skill and determination throughout each of the events they competed in. It was also brilliant to see the encouragement and support that each child offered to their peers.

After all of the events had taken place and the scores had been added up, BOTH the Y3/4 and Y5/6 teams finished 2nd overall! This is an amazing achievement! The Y5/6 team finished 90 places behind 1st and the Y3/4 team finished just 13 points behind first place! We were also able to celebrate as the top scoring Y3/4 boy came from WVPS!

We will find out in the next few weeks if we advance to the county finals in July! We have our fingers crossed!

A huge thank you to Mr Havard for his support and work with the team over the last few weeks to get them ready for this wonderful achievement today!

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