Collecting data!

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This week in year 6, we have been learning about the difference between discrete and continuous data. Discrete is data that is ‘countable’ and continuous data is ‘measurable’. We discussed how to collect data and how for the purposes of collecting discrete data, a tally chart where we could work out frequencies was the way to go. Once we had decided on what data to collect, we headed out onto the green to collect it! Most of use decided to collect data on either the colour or the make of the cars passing. Once back in the classroom, we looked at how we could turn this data into a pie chart to make it easy to interpret and understand the data. We had to perfect our circle drawing with a compass before calculating the degrees needed for each section. Next, we used a protractor to measure the angle needed for each section. Our final challenge tomorrow is to interpret our data and explain what it shows us.

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