What’s the angle?

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Today we continued our work on angles by using protractors to measure angles in degrees. We worked in small groups using our protractors accurately measure each of the angles. Using what we already knew about different types of angles and measuring with protractors, we filled in a grid to show our understanding of measuring angles.

In the lesson we thought about:

  • Where do we needed to place our protractor on the angle?
  • Were we using the inner or outer scale?
  • What type of angle were we looking at? Does it fit the rules of the angle?
  • Could we give an estimate before measuring the angle? Was our estimate within 5˚ or 10˚?
  • Have we included the degrees ˚ measurement for the angles?

It was great fun to get outside and measure the different angles!

Please contact the office if you require a paper copy of any of these documents.

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