History of Northampton – Our School Trip

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Last week we had our year 1 school trip to the Museum of Northampton. We had the most fantastic day where we learnt all about Northampton’s history and art.

We started our day with an amazing workshop all about the Great Fire of Northampton. We learnt so much about the events of that day and how it compared to The Great Fire of London. We looked at some artefacts, read a letter and newspaper article from the time of the fire and we even re-enacted the different events that happened before, during and after the fire.

After lunch we explore the museum, looking at the displays and galleries. We learnt all about the history of Northampton from when people first settled here up until recent history like World War Two. We learnt all about how Northampton is famous for making shoes (and even got to try some on!!). Finally we looked around the art galleries, we saw work from local artists based on Northampton’s scenery as well as portraits. We had lots of fun posing for our own portraits too.

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