Anna James – What an inspiration!

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Imagination is the closest thing to magic that we all have!”

This morning we enjoyed an exciting visitor! Anna James, the author of the Pages & Co series visited our school to talk to the children in years 4, 5 and 6 about her books, her characters and her inspiration. 

Anna took us on a journey to some of the places where her books are set. After a vote, we first visited Paris where book 2 is set. In her second book, the characters visit fairy tales, so together we collaboratively wrote our own Woodland View fairy tale!

Here it is…

Once upon a time there was an annacorn called Rosie. All they wanted was chocolate cake! Their greatest strength was ice powers, but their weakness was flying. So they went to ask the advice of the baker called Charlie who lived in a magical forest. They gave them a magical star that spawned chocolate cake, but warned them that if it was used incorrectly, it would explode!

We then travelled to Venice where we heard a little more about the 4th book. Anna told us about some of her favourite characters from books – what she likes to call our comfort blanket characters! We considered our choices in a book personality quiz to consider which of the characters in the book they were most like. The children will have to read the book to find out if it was right!

Finally, we travelled to Washington DC which is where the 3rd book is set. Her mind was set on using New York as the setting. However, visiting the Library of Congress changed her mind on where to set this book. It is where every book written in America goes there. She uses lots of things borrowed from her own travels and visits. When one of her books came out, she did a book and school tour of America where she ‘borrowed’ ideas about incredible book shops including one that is in an old theatre in Colorado which was perfect for a story where the characters go into A Midsummer Night’s Dream!

Finally, the children had an opportunity to ask any questions. We were blown away by the maturity of their questioning.  She told us that her inspiration came from how much she loves to read and she just thought, “What happens if I made imagination an actual magical power?” Her series was born!

It was also incredible to hear her talk about just how important editing is and how long that process is. She reminded us all not to be defeated when the first draft isn’t perfect – the editing is where the magic happens!

She then signed books in the library – such an incredible keepsake!

What an incredibly inspirational visitor! Thank you Anna James! We hope that the children were as inspired as the staff were! Who knows what our children will go on to achieve?

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