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Angles, angles, angles!

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This week we have been learning all about shapes, particularly triangles and quadrilaterals. On Wednesday, we carried out a treasure hunt where, at each...   Read More

Marmalade Sandwiches

Year 2 Blog ArchivedComments Off on Marmalade Sandwiches

After a successful taste testing session, Year 2 have had lots of fun making their own sandwich using their favourite type of marmalade and...   Read More

Where In The World!

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This week we have been revisiting our geography skills. We first looked at the United Kingdom and learnt a lot of fun facts about...   Read More


Year 5 Blog ArchivedComments Off on Surprised!

Otherwise known as Tiger in a Tropical Storm. Tiger in a Tropical Storm or Surprised! is an 1891 oil-on-canvas painting by Henri Rousseau. It...   Read More

The Drama Llama

Year 4 Blog ArchivedComments Off on The Drama Llama

Today the children got to have a special zoom session with Rachel Morrisroe who has written The Drama Llama which is a book about...   Read More

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