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(Scroll down for photos of some of the winners of the awards)

This morning saw the school gather for two special assemblies to celebrate this term’s winners of our values awards. The focus value of the term has been COOPERATION and Mr Horsley and Mrs Howles cooperated in presenting the winners with their certificates.

The children danced down the red carpet a year group at a time to hear comments from their teachers about how they have demonstrated the value of COOPERATION during the last half-term.

Miss Wagstaff had selected a special poem, suitable for the occasion, which read:

Since I’m a member of a group,

This is what I’ll do:

I’ll listen,

I’ll take turns and share,

And work to agree with you!

If I give respect to you,

I know you’ll give respect to me.

We will all work well together,

And a happy class we’ll be!

Here are photos of some of the COOPERATION values award winners:

To conclude the awards, Mrs Howles reminded us of next half-term’s focus value: HONESTY. She challenged the children and staff of the school to try to be honest in all they do – especially when things go wrong.

Well done to all the winners this term, but we are so very proud of all of our children in their daily efforts to demonstrate COOPERATION.

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