Y6 First Aid with the Red Cross

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6NM and 6CC were highly engaged by a session from the Red Cross this week. The children were reminded about the importance of First Aid in helping others in need and how they should challenge the ‘bystander’ instinct, which is that someone else will always provide help.

The session was thought provoking and reminded the children of the important things to do in an emergency:

1 – Don’t assume someone else is helping. Ensure that the situation is safe for you to help. Make sure there is no potential dangers to you to approach.

2 – Call for help. Remembering the numbers to dial in an emergency situation – 999 or 112.

3 – Stay with a person in need, reassuring them and providing what support you are able and safe to give.

The session leader also demonstrated the recovery position, the importance of maintaining an airway (by tilting the head), chest compressions and an AED (Automated external defibrillator) machine.

Our children, were good at demonstrating empathy for those in need and showing off our school value of KINDNESS in their approach to first aid.

More resources about first aid (appropriate to primary aged children) can be found on the website: https://firstaidchampions.redcross.org.uk


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