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County Sportshall Athletics

NewsYear 5 BlogYear 6 BlogComments Off on County Sportshall Athletics

This morning, a group of Year 5 and 6 children represented the school and South Northants District at the Northamptonshire Sportshall Athletics County competition....   Read More

District Basketball

NewsYear 6 BlogComments Off on District Basketball

This afternoon, a team of Year 6 children represented the school at the district basketball in Daventry. Many members of the team represented the...   Read More

A sense of place…

Year 6 BlogComments Off on A sense of place…

Year 6 have been using our wonderful map in the studio to help them develop their understanding of where we are in the world....   Read More

Predicting and Preparing Prefixes!

Year 3 BlogComments Off on Predicting and Preparing Prefixes!

This week 3VN have been word crazy! We have looked at root words and what happens to them when you add a prefix. The...   Read More

Victor Delfin inspired Artwork

Year 2 BlogComments Off on Victor Delfin inspired Artwork

As part of our new topic called ‘Paddington’s Passport’, Year 2 have been learning about an artist called Victor Delfin who is from Peru....   Read More

The Science of Survival

Year 2 BlogComments Off on The Science of Survival

Today we worked in groups to discuss the main basic needs of all animals and humans. We imagined ourselves stuck on a desert island...   Read More

A Dramatic Week Back!

Year 4 BlogComments Off on A Dramatic Week Back!

We have been very busy this week with the introduction to our new topic… Rocky the Findosaur! In English, we have been exploring the...   Read More

A dinosaur party!

Year 4 BlogComments Off on A dinosaur party!

This term we are looking at rocks and fossils so in Art the children made clay dinosaurs. They used miniature dinosaur figures to copy...   Read More

V. I. P. E. R. S.

Year 5 BlogComments Off on V. I. P. E. R. S.

In comprehension this week, we recapped what VIPERS stood for. We then sorted the questions into Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explain, Retrieval and Summarise questions...   Read More

Tell us a Story

Reception BlogComments Off on Tell us a Story

This week the children have been introduced to our new topic, ‘tell us a story’. They have enjoyed learning about Jack and the Beanstalk....   Read More

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