Life Education Session

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The Life Education Session 

Today the children had a fantastic session all about their bodies, how they can stay healthy and look after themselves. The session concentrated on a number of specific areas: 

The Body 

The children looked at a interactive body and identified what the lungs, veins and arteries do, as well as how the digestive system works. 

Body Zone 

The children learnt that they need at least 11-12 hours of sleep a night and that they should only be watching their iPad for an hour a day! 

Smoking and alcohol 

The children had to discuss why alcohol and smoking is bad for our bodies and the effects I can have. They found out that only 2 in 100 teenagers now smoke which is considerably lower compared to 10 years ago. 

How we are 

Lastly, the children learnt how being different is good and that we are all unique. The children also discussed how staying together at a theme park means everyone stays safe and abiding by rules also keeps us all safe.  

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