Kindness Values Awards

This morning saw the presentation of this term’s KINDNESS value awards. All the children were dressed in their winter jumpers and in good spirits, as the winners took to our famous red carpet to recieve their awards and hear what led their teachers to select them for the award.

(Scroll down for photos of the winning children)

Mr Horsley led our KINDNESS values awards with good humour and cheer!
The children always enjoy high-5ing the winners!

Miss Wagstaff had a poem about KINDNESSS prepared for the occassion, which she read during the awards:

When life flies by so fast,

And it gets busy everyday,

Kindness becomes a gift we give,

In so many different ways.

Being kind is important,

Every minute, every day.

We show kindness with our smiles,

By what we do and what we say.

When I help a friend that is feeling sad,

Or I do an extra chore,

I am spreading kindness everywhere!

And soon there will be more!

The values awards also gave the children a chance to say goodbye to Mr Dodd, who has worked at our school for over 8 years. He gave an emotional speech thanking all the staff and children for making Woodland View such a special place. We will miss him at our school but wish him all the best in his new role at Northampton College.

Here are the photos of the winners of the KINDNESS Values Awards:

We are proud of all the children, who show KINDNESS every day both at home and school. Next half-term’s value is COOPERATION.

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