Today was a very exciting day as it was the first time the children in Reception met their Year six buddies! The buddies had some special pre-meeting training where they discussed how they could be a good buddy and all of the things their new role might entail. Year six have been waiting with bated breath for this day!

After their training, is was time to get buddied up! Once they were all paired up, they all took some time to get to know each other using some ‘getting to know you’ dice that the year 6 children had made in readiness. It was so lovely to see such a caring side in the year sixes who really took the time to get to know their buddies. The Foundation Stage children were so engaged with their buddies too, keen to tell them all about themselves and find out more about their buddies too!

Finally, the buddies were able to go and watch the Year 4 performance together! The children are already looking forward to the next time they get to spend time with their buddies!

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