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Classification using the Linnaean system

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Year 6 have been learning about Carl Linnaeus and the system that he developed for classification that we have used for nearly 300 years....   Read More


This half term we have been learning about Hinduism. After a few weeks of looking at the Vedas and other stories connected to Hinduism,...   Read More

Year 6 Football Competition (District Finals)

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This afternoon, our winning Year 6 football team went to Daventry to take part in the Year 5/6 District finals. We knew that a...   Read More

The Christmas Pig

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Please see below the information for the YouTube links for each group of chapters. (New chapters released on each school day!) CHAPTERS READ BY...   Read More

Letters to Santa!

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We had an exciting day yesterday as we wrote letters to Santa using our non-negotiables and our best beautiful handwriting. Later in the afternoon,...   Read More

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