Young Citizens Day

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Yesterday, we attended the West Northamptonshire Young Citizens Day. This was a fantastic opportunity for the children to hear from the experts about how they can keep themselves safe and give them the tools to grow into fabulous young citizens by making the right choices. Before we went, we discussed just how important our values are and about how they are all about making those right choices every day and being model citizens in our community.

The children attended five workshops where they worked with members of the police and PCSO teams who helped to raise awareness about many different areas. The children considered how they could keep themselves safe online; how hate crimes could be avoided by us all celebrating our differences; how to make a 999 call; the dangers of not considering a truck’s blindspot; key fire and water safety messages; and much more too! We even got to have a look around a real police van – locking Mrs Cox away before we experienced it too!

It was a really informative day!

Please contact the office if you require a paper copy of any of these documents.

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