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Young Citizens Day

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Yesterday, we attended the West Northamptonshire Young Citizens Day. This was a fantastic opportunity for the children to hear from the experts about how...   Read More

Hi Ho Roman Villa!

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Today the children in Year 5 ended their first topic of the year (You’re Not Invited) by thinking carefully about how they could design...   Read More

Dazzling Designs

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Today, the children worked co-operatively to design their own Ancient Roman Villas. In groups, they thought about different floor layouts and used videos and...   Read More

Courage Value Awards

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We were delighted to celebrate our first term’s value of COURAGE this morning. Mr Horsley led the proceedings and encouraged the children to demonstrate...   Read More

A visit to the haunted mansion!

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The children were very excited at the beginning of the week as we ventured over to our wonderful immersive room and found ourselves at...   Read More

DT Day!

What a wonderful Thursday we have had! At the beginning of the term we started off our DT project by researching types of crowns;...   Read More

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