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Military-style rhythmic compositions

Year 6 Blog ArchivedComments Off on Military-style rhythmic compositions

Linking to our topic, we have been looking at the music of war and specifically the history of marching and marching bands. We then...   Read More

Smart Scientists!

Year 3 Blog ArchivedComments Off on Smart Scientists!

Today in Science 3VN have been investigating buoyancy. We looked at different materials and like any good scientists, made our predictions before conducting experiments...   Read More

Roaming Robots

Year 1 Blog ArchivedComments Off on Roaming Robots

Today in IT we learnt all about robots. We first talked about different robots we have seen in real life or on TV and...   Read More

Adjectives games

Year 2 Blog ArchivedComments Off on Adjectives games

Today in English we have been learning to use adjectives to describe nouns. We created a bank of nouns and then decided which adjectives...   Read More

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