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Food Chains

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Year 2 have been learning all about food chains. We have discussed the different meanings of the words, ‘predator’ and ‘prey’ and learnt how...   Read More

Food Chain Flip-ups

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Today in Year 2, we started learning about energy transfer in science. We discussed the keywords ’predator’ and ’prey’. Afterwards, we crated our own...   Read More

History in 3AD

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Today we have been finding out about what democracy means and how it actually originates from Ancient Greek times. We looked at how our...   Read More

Christmas has come early!

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Today we had a lovely time designing our Christmas cards – so that they will be ready in time for Christmas – and listening...   Read More

Pirate day!

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WVPS from the air

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Using some of our bits of drone footage, we have put together a short clip of WVPS from the air. Enjoy.

Headteacher Newsletter No.396

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