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Using our senses!

Reception Blog ArchivedComments Off on Using our senses!

This week has been all about using our senses. We have read a sensory story, we have used our hands to feel and discuss...   Read More

National Poetry Day

Year 6 Blog ArchivedComments Off on National Poetry Day

To celebrate National Poetry Day, we have been working on a performance poem to share with the rest of KS2 next week. We carefully...   Read More

Preposition Pets!

Year 4 Blog ArchivedComments Off on Preposition Pets!

We had great fun this week learning about how and when to use prepositions! We worked in pairs and were each given a ’preposition...   Read More

Beauty and the Beast

Year 3 Blog ArchivedComments Off on Beauty and the Beast

This morning, Year 3, along with Years 1 and 2 welcomed along a theatre group to perform Beauty and the Beast! It’s safe to...   Read More

Map Drawing and Compass Directions

Year 2 Blog ArchivedComments Off on Map Drawing and Compass Directions

In Geography, Year 2 have been learning all about our local area. Today they drew a map of the area around our school showing...   Read More

On target!

Year 5 Blog ArchivedComments Off on On target!

In maths this week we have been exploring addition and subtraction. On Tuesday we played a game against other members of the class that...   Read More

Excellent Evaluations

Year 5 Blog ArchivedComments Off on Excellent Evaluations

Last week, Year 5 completed their clay sculptures of themselves inspired by Ancient Rome bust sculptures. This week, now they have dried, the children...   Read More

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