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Complicated alliances!

Year 6 BlogComments Off on Complicated alliances!

This week, Year 6 explored the alliances between the European countries in the 20 years that preceded WW1 to help them understand why war...   Read More

Cutting up continents!

Year 2 BlogComments Off on Cutting up continents!

We had a super focused morning in geography today! We found where we are using Google Earth and atlases in regards to continent, country,...   Read More


Year 6 BlogComments Off on Evacuees

As part of our English unit, we put ourselves in the shoes of a child being evacuated from them home during World War 2....   Read More

Our first week at school!

Reception BlogComments Off on Our first week at school!

This week has been the children’s first week of Primary School. It has been a week filled with learning names, making new friends and...   Read More

Super Sketches

Year 5 BlogComments Off on Super Sketches

Year 5 are incredibly creative and love to get stuck into their art lessons. We have been focusing on Ancient Roman sculpture- specifically Roman...   Read More

A Courageous Start To Year 4!

Year 4 BlogComments Off on A Courageous Start To Year 4!

The children have had a fantastic introduction to this term’s value ‘courage’ by showing us how courageous they are! After a class discussion about...   Read More

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