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Athens 1 Persia 0

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Today we have been finding out about the Persian Wars and in particular how even though out numbered, Athens managed to defeat the Persian...   Read More

Sensational Sculptures

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This morning, Year 5 used clay to create their own versions of Roman busts. They based their clay sculptures on themselves and used a...   Read More

Flow Charts and Algorithms!

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In ICT, the children have been learning how computers used algorithms to function. They then created their own algorithms in the form of a...   Read More


This week in comprehension we were sorting reading questions. First, we recapped what VIPERS stood for, drawing on previous VIPERS learning. We then sorted...   Read More

Outdoor Maths!

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This morning, we took our maths learning outdoors! We had a great time exploring strategies for rounding numbers and finding differences between positive and...   Read More

Exciting filming in school today!

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Today we had an exciting visit from from a drone that had come to school to film some aerial footage for a new school...   Read More

Our very own Grange Park!

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Today, we learnt how to use capital letters for nouns. We talked about what this means and had a go at using capitals for...   Read More

Maths in the NEW Computer Suite

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Today we’ve visited the new computer suite. The computers are all shiny and new which has been very exciting! After a lot of attempts...   Read More

K.I.R.F. Maths letter for all parents

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Land Ahoy

Over the last few weeks the children have been amazing, settling into year 1 and rising to all of the different challenges we have...   Read More

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