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Pirate Day

Year 1 BlogComments Off on Pirate Day

We had a wonderful day this week to celebrate the end of our pirate topic. We dressed up as pirates and spent the day...   Read More

Haunted architecture!

Year 4 BlogComments Off on Haunted architecture!

Following our English descriptive settings, we took our writing to inspire us to create mansions with KAPLA. Great imagination everyone!

Getting into the spooky spirit!

Year 4 BlogComments Off on Getting into the spooky spirit!

This week, we have had a spine chilling time in English when describing a setting for a haunted house. Our spooky night sky descriptions...   Read More

Our community

Reception BlogComments Off on Our community

This week we have been looking at the community that we come from and what else we belong to. We have taken a trip...   Read More

Year 2 in Techni-colour!

Year 2 BlogComments Off on Year 2 in Techni-colour!

In RE we have been learning about Joseph and his amazing techni-coloured dream coat. We listened carefully to the story and talked about jealousy....   Read More

Year 6 remembers

Year 6 BlogComments Off on Year 6 remembers

Our topic this term has been considering the wars of the past and more recent wars too. Poppies are a symbol of hope and...   Read More

Year 3 Maths

Year 3 BlogComments Off on Year 3 Maths

This week, Year 3 have been learning how to use the compact column method to add two numbers together! It’s fair to say that...   Read More

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