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Thank you, Jacqueline Wilson!

Year 4 Blog ArchivedComments Off on Thank you, Jacqueline Wilson!

We had an exciting morning today with Jacqueline Wilson over a special Zoom call! After telling us about her new book, The Primrose Railway...   Read More

Food Chains

Year 2 Blog ArchivedComments Off on Food Chains

Year 2 have been learning about food chains this week in Science. The children learnt that a food chain tells us about what animals...   Read More

Benchball Battles!

Year 4 Blog ArchivedComments Off on Benchball Battles!

Year 4 have spent this term looking at the importance of stance, communication and efficient throwing in PE. Our ball skills have finally come...   Read More

Designers and makers

Year 1 Blog ArchivedComments Off on Designers and makers

This week we have been designing and making our very own pirate ships. We started off learning about which materials sink and floating. We...   Read More

Jacqueline Wilson Zoom Call!

Year 5 Blog ArchivedComments Off on Jacqueline Wilson Zoom Call!

Today, we had the amazing opportunity to meet Jacqueline Wilson over a Zoom call! She talked to us about her new book, The Primrose...   Read More


Year 5 Blog ArchivedComments Off on Tinkercad

This morning, we used a computing program called Tinkercad to design floor plans/room layouts inspired by Roman villas. Using this program is quite tricky...   Read More


Year 4 Blog ArchivedComments Off on Algorithms!

This week in ICT, we have been learning how computers use algorithms to function. We then used the programme ‘scratch’ to create our own...   Read More

A unique week!

Reception Blog ArchivedComments Off on A unique week!

This week we have been learning about how diverse our class, family and community are. We have read the book The Colour of Us...   Read More

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