Stock Purchase Agreement Term

CONSIDERING that the seller _____ as necessary) and whose consent or consent is necessary to enable the execution of the envisaged operations or to avoid any breach of this contract or the creation of a right to terminate the contract, and such consent or authorization must be reasonably satisfactory in terms of form and content for the buyer. (c) No contribution. Seller is responsible for all costs indemnified by Buyer incurred by parties indemnified by Buyer, subject to the terms, restrictions and conditions set forth in this Article. The Seller thus waives all rights it holds under this Agreement or other transaction document to assert contribution rights against the Company. (b) Seller understands and acknowledges that both the Company and Buyer have made significant investments to develop their respective business interests and good-business or goodwill. Seller agrees that these investments deserve protection and that the protection needs of the business and buyer offered by this Section 6.3 are greater than any harshness that Seller may experience by complying with its terms. for each Directive: (a) the Directive is fully in force and effective; (b) neither the undertaking nor, to the seller`s knowledge, any part of the Directive is in breach or in a material delay (including with regard to the payment of premiums or the issuing of notifications) and no event has occurred which would constitute a material breach or delay in the event of notification or expiry, or authorises denunciation, amendment or acceleration within the framework of the Directive; and (c) none of the parties to the Directive has rejected essential elements, nor has it been denied insurance on its assets or operations in recent years [NUMBER] and coverage has never been limited by an insurance body from which the undertaking has applied for a policy or with which it has applied for a policy. `privileges` means all rights of pledge, rights of pledge, agreements of voting rights, voting rights, voting rights, claims, guarantees, restrictions, mortgages, contracts of fiduciary ownership, leases and other property rights, conditional sales contracts or other retention of title, assessments, easements, rights of way, covenants, restrictions, rights of pre-emption, legal defaults, interventions and other charges, options or charges of any kind. . . .

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