Snc Lavalin Plea Agreement

The deal was accepted by the Court of Quebec, SNC-Lavalin and the lawsuit said Wednesday. SNC-Lavalin said in its statement that it does not believe the Plea agreement will affect its ability to bid on future projects. By entering into an agreement on criminal code fraud and not corruption under the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act (CFPOA), the company could avoid the scope of the Canadian government`s integrity regime and the associated exclusion. The company can still be excluded on the basis of provincial legislation or tender for projects supported by the World Bank or other organizations. [2] The plea agreement follows SNC-Lavalin`s unsuccessful attempts to enter into a deferred prosecution agreement with the Public Prosecutor`s Office of Canada (CSDP). This claim was later contradicted by an internal SNC-Lavalin document submitted to The Canadian Press.

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