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First weeks!

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The children have been so busy at school learning all the rules and routines, getting to know each other, learning the names of staff...   Read More

Greek clay pots

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This half term, in art, we are making Greek clay pots. The children had to design their pots first by practising patterns and drawing...   Read More

Sewing fun!

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As part of our art topic, we are making some fabric poppies. On Thursday, we met our first challenge‚Ķthreading a needle! This proved to...   Read More

Take 10 to enjoy a good book!

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This morning we took time out to reflect on how we are feeling and how reading can improve our wellbeing as well as allow...   Read More

Sound hunters

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This week in science we have been hunting for sounds and using pictures and words to show what we have found in different places...   Read More

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