Super Storyboards

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This week in English, we have been focusing on Ancient Greek myths. We have explored Theseus and the Minotaur as a class and different groups have focused on different Ancient Greek myths. Firstly, the children used their retrieval skills to draw out information about characters, settings, emotions and events in their chosen myths. After, they used their summarising skills to create storyboards. Some of the myths were tricky to condense into just 8 pictures but Year 5 managed it!

You all put so much effort into your drawings and sentences on your storyboards and they look brilliant in your English books. This storyboard work will then help us to focus on specific scenes and write in even more detail.

Here are 5LD and 5JW standing proudly showing off their super storyboards:

Please contact the office if you require a paper copy of any of these documents.

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